19 Mayıs 19 Saat 19 Dakika Bayrak Koşusu 2021

Date : 30-11--1 - 19-05-2021

Location : Koşuya uygun her yer



19 May 19 Hours 19 Minutes

30-11--1 / 19-05-2021

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19s19dk Bayrak Koşusu  - 19h19min Relay Race

The day we run shoulder to shoulder for 19 hours and 19 minutes will come. on May 19, which we run as much as each individual conditions and will keep the torch running for 19 hours 19 minutes.

This year, we will run as much as we can and collect kilometers together.
During the day of May 19, according to your possibilities, health and training level, run either 1 (once) or up to 19 (nineteen) times, upload each stage.
Don’t let this relay stop, run the torch forward with those who run all over the world and Turkey that day!

There is no distance limit. Every run/walk of 15 minutes and longer is valid. 
You can upload up to 19 different activities (stages).
The longest you can move during the day is 19 hours and 19 minutes (1159 minutes). If your decide to run more, we will take your distance at the moment of 19hours 19 minutes.

According to the latest restrictions in Turkey, we can organize the 19 hours 19 minutes relay race of Aykut Çelikbaş and a group of runners in the open air. For details, follow social media instagram.com/mcrracesetter and www.19mayıs1919kosusu.com.

-Allowed Run tim: min 15min  - max 19h 19min
- Number of stages: Up to 19
- Valid run dates: May 19, 2021 00:01 - 23:59 (GMT + 3)
- Upload dates: May 19 - May 20, 2021
- Should record activity as running, walking or similiar (ex: trail running) 
- Remember to login and link your sports app before you run - so your run counts! 
- You can upload activities 15 days old (tell that to the apps)
- Yes, you need to run yourself to upload