19 Mayıs 1919 Gençlik Haftası Sanal Koşu Yarışı

Date : 30-11--1 - 25-05-2020

Location : #evdekos 15-25 Mayıs



1.9 K

30-11--1 / 25-05-2020

Quota Left : 559

0 ₺

30-11--1 / 25-05-2020

Quota Left : 498

0 ₺

30-11--1 / 25-05-2020

Quota Left : 493

0 ₺

30-11--1 / 25-05-2020

Quota Left : 496

0 ₺
19 Minute

30-11--1 / 25-05-2020

Quota Left : 1531

0 ₺


MCR Racesetter

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All Activities
Registered participants
1. 19 May 1919 Virtual Running Race; I read, understood and accepted the rules at 
https: //19mayis1919kosusu.com/. In my own home, I agree to participate in the race within the framework of sportive morality, gentlemen and fair play in accordance with my possibilities, and to make an honest and correct statement about the issues related to running. I inform you about the rules, sports ethics, gentlemen and fair play, including the information that the data you provide for the race will be used in various channels; I accept and declare that I participate in this contest voluntarily.   

2. As the race will be held in the home, I agree to participate without disturbing the family and neighbors.   

3. It is forbidden to act outside the organization rules, to violate social distance, to be in places banned for public health, to make false statements, and I understand this. If I violate these, the responsibility is only mine, the race organization committee, supporters and sponsors cannot be responsible.  

4. I understand and agree that I should pay attention to personal and environmental cleanliness before, during and after the event, and to comply with the current epidemic measures in my region and city.   
5. It is recommended that people who have physical activity restrictions are consulted by their physicians. This activity is disadvantageous in terms of their own health for people who are inconvenient in spending 1.9k-5k-10k-19k running effort, must be under constant surveillance and who have epilepsy. I declare that I have no medical disability to participate in this race, I am physically sufficient for this run.

6. In the event I allow to tag all kinds of videos, photos, audio and similar footage, recordings and documents, i.e. the data, with the specified labels during the organization, or share them with the relevant persons, including but not limited to the organizer's @mcrracestter.
7. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the correct and up-to-date information I provided during registration, and I allow my e-mail, address and phone to be contacted regarding the contest.
8. I agree that my name, surname, country, age, club information will be published by the organization on the websites, competitor information, result lists, social media and press for information, trade and marketing purposes.
9. I agree that I have allowed Macera Akademisi (name of organizing company) to send e-mails and text messages about current and upcoming events.

10. With this document that I have accepted and signed electronically, on behalf of my successors, managers, personal and legal representatives, on behalf of my successors, managers, personal and legal representatives, any accident, disability, loss or damage that may occur as a participant during the activities before and after the race. In the event that the organizers, the people working in the organization, sponsors, the organization representatives will not be held responsible, any responsibility belongs to me; I have read and accepted the Contest Rules; As a participant, I accept and declare that I have no medical disability to participate in the race and that I am physically competent for this race.
If I make registration for my child participated in the race organized by Macera Akademisi on 19 May 1919 Virtual Run; I accept all the terms and conditions written on the contest website and REGISTRATION FORM page.