B PLANI Evdekos Evdepedalla Sanal Yarış

Date :12-04-2020

Location : #evdekos #evdepedalla

Adventure Race



5K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 814

#evdekos 10K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 890

#evdekos 21K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 966

#evdekos 42K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 987

#evdepedalla 5K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 978

#evdepedalla 20K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 950

#evdepedalla 40K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 951

#evdepedalla 90K - 12-04-2020

Quota Left : 975

#evdekos Minik Adımlar - 12-04-2020

Child Event- Quota Left : 979

#evdepedalla Minik Pedallar - 12-04-2020

Child Event- Quota Left : 996


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PLAN B  #virtualrun #virtualride Virtual Run or Ride Race at home

Plan A’s out the window. Welcome to Plan B. For anyone who’s had their life turned upside-down in the last days and is in need of a little motivation keep active. 

What is Plan B?
All the spring races were being scrubbed, either cancelled or postponed, leaving hundreds of thousands of runners with months of winter training behind them and no finish line to aim for.

Plan B is a virtual challenge anyone, anywhere could take part in. You can participate and also raise funds for Lokman Hekim Medical Foundation, to support health care during in need, difficult times. Plan B is %100 free to participate. You can support Lokman Hekim Medical Foundation by three means:

    Donate yourself - click to donate
    Starting a campaign to raise fund for LHSV foundation - click to start
    Doing both :) 

1) Register
2) Choose a challenge
3) Get running or riding
4) Upload proof by April 13th
5) Voila, it's the finish line! Get your online finisher certificate.

Choose Your Place

Ever wonder if your go-to training grounds would make a good race? Or maybe you want to explore a new trail? Show us! This is where you get to be creative. Design a loop course around your neighborhood or crush miles of mountain repeats! Run from road to trail, wherever and however you want to run the distance, be creative and have fun!

Choose Your Race
Just like registering for a traditional race, you choose the distance that best suits you. Aiming for that first 5K or looking to take the next step to ultra? Choose your preferred distance below!

Please Note

Running, especially at a high intensity, or for exorbitantly long distances depresses your immune system making you MORE susceptible to illness. Meaning, if you participate in this event, or any other physically taxing exercise, you will be at greater risk of getting sick, including, but not limited to the COVID-19. Only you can determine your personal risk tolerance to participate in this Event. Some ways to reduce your personal risk could include, but are not limited to:

– Limiting the number of people around you. Do not invite people to help crew or to come by and spectate unless they are already living with you. Remain as isolated as possible.

– Ensure you have enough food and supplies for the run and also for the recovery period following, so you do not have to expose yourself to pathogens when you are recovering.

– Treat the next two weeks prior to race start as a strict quarantine period to ensure you are not already infected prior to participation.

Finally, we do not recommend you participate if you are feeling ill, have a known condition that puts you at higher risk of contracting the illness, if you are in a high risk area where limiting your exposure would be difficult, if you cannot ensure an adequate amount of quarantine time before and after the event, if you will be in contact with someone who is ill or is immunosuppressed, elderly, or are considered higher risk. 

Remember: This is just for fun – we do not want this Event to add any unnecessary burdens to the medical system, although you will be in the best position to decide if you need medical attention for any reason. 

Lokman Hekim Sağlık Vakfı  - Lokman Hekim Medical Foundation

Since 1986 the foundation has provided health and education services for nearly 700.00 people in need of assistance. The foundation provides various projects in the medical field while also conducting stationary equipment, clothing and food donations. Within the extent of #YetişDoktor project, scholarships are given to Medical Faculty Students in order to fight the rising education inequalities and assist the upbringing of luminary and social doctors. Since the first days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation has started the first stage of coordinated assistance to health institutions and the Ministry of Health. Analysis of new needs and prioritization studies are ongoing.

Lokman Hekim Sağlık Vakfı is a member of Açık Açık. Which is a platform for transparent, accountable NGOs that recognize donor rights.


What is Strava?

Strava is a health app, which is compatible with almost every smartphone. You can download it to your smartphone via www.strava.com and sign up for free. Please check your devices help file or website in order to send data to your Polar, Garmin, Suunto and other smartwatches / smart wearables.

May I only participate in one race?

You can participate in races on different days with different distances and different branches. You will have to separately sign up for each of them and create a new event. If you ran a 10K race you can not add a 5K race on the same link. For example; if you ran a 5K on the first day and cycled 20K on the next day, you can run a 10K on the third day. PLEASE, participate in a single race per day, in order to watch out for your immune system.

Is it possible to run a marathon on a stairway?

If you want to run a mountain marathon in the comfort of your home, why not. If you are not experienced with certain distances start from shorter distances. Starting from the lowest step measure the length of each stair, if there is a platform in between stairs include it to the calculation as well. If you are going to climb more than one floor of stairs, measure it floor by floor. Find a turning point at the end. Multiply the length of each turn by two times, since you will be turning here twice in each round. Measure the height of each stair in order to log the total ascension and descension of your run to Strava or other platforms. Your time will be based on the sum of your total ascension and descension. Such a course will be harder and slower to finish.

May I stop in order to drink water or meet a need?

You can use the pause and resume functions in your device or smartphone in order to use the bathroom, attend to your children or any other important matter. We advise you to place enough liquids ( 500ml for every 30mins ) and snacks ( such as nuts ) in a suitable spot of the course before starting the event. You do not have to stop while you are taking care of nourishment needs, as the timer does not stop whilst feeding in a race.


Registrations  start april 1st and end April 11th - 17:00 Istanbul time.

Run or ride between April 7 to April 12.

You can post results by April 7 untill april 13th - 9:00AM Istanbul Time

Please allow 12-48 hours for us to process your registration.

Tasnif ve Ödüller
B PLANI  #evdekos #evdepedalla Sanal Koşu ve Bisiklet Yarışı, centilmenlik ve dürüst beyan esasına göre düzenlenen, internet ortamında bir spor buluşmasıdır. Her mesafe için eksiksiz girilen süre ve aktivite bağlantısı için katılımcı söz konusu sanal etkinlikte listelenir. Kürsü töreni, kazanan vurgusu yapılmaz. Hızlı veya uzun gidene ödül verilmez.
Listelenen her katılımcıya bir elektronik sertifika sonuç sayfası üstünden verilir.
B Planı Sanal Koşu ve Bisiklet Yarışı destekçilerinin çeşitli indirim kuponları, nizami yarışanlar arasında çekişle dağıtılacak ödüller olabilir.
Anı madalyası, tasnif madalyası, vb fiziksel bir hediye  olmayacaktır.
1.I read and accept the rules and guidlines of B Planı Virtual Run and Ride Race. I accept to participate in this event, in my home, with in my limitations but always by fair means, fairplay and honesty. I will create best possible route, ways to measure and declare a frank and clear result. I'm aware if my results are conflicting, ı will be removed event and results.  

2. Due to event is in home i accept that i m responsible of obeying family and neighbor hood  rules.

3. Obeying the general traffic, property and safety rules, esp. local measures for pandemic situation is racers' own responsibility. It is forbidden for them to use areas, passes and methods that are declared illegal/out of bounds by the organization or local authorities. The responsible party for the legal problems that might arise due to violation of this rule will solely be the participant; the organization cannot be held responsible in any way.

4. I clearly understand ı must take carebefore, during and after the activity to my personal hygeine and health. I will follow local directions and regulations.

5.I accept that rights of the photos, images, videos I share on social media tagging the organisors and any kind of digital datas taken during the race shall belong to the organization and no right can be demanded for them.

6.I declare and accept those; i gave informations are about me are current and right. And Macera Akademisi LTD and their sponsors might send race announcements, news or bulletins about new races via SMS or e-mail. The racer gives his consent on this issue at the registration.

7. I accept that Macera Akademisi has right to share my name, surname, country, age, company details via web sites, social media and media with the aim of informing, dealing or marketing.

8. I accept that Macera Akademisi can send me Email or sms about current or future events.

9. Showing ID (or equal document) is necessary for all participants to be able to get race kits.

10. I accept ı'm healthy to participate.

if there are any inconsistencies between the Turkish version of the Terms and its translated version, the Turkish version of the Terms shall prevail over others

Yukarda bilgileri yazan, yasal velisi olduğum çocuğumun Macera Akademisi’nin organize ettiği #yaris isimli koşuya katılmasını; yarışma internet sitesi ve KAYIT FORMU sayfasında yazılı bütün koşul ve şartları da kabul ederek onaylıyorum.