Farm Olea Backyard Ultra 2024

Date : 16-03-2024 - 17-03-2024

Location : Urla, İzmir


Backyard Ultra

16-03-2024 / 17-03-2024

Quota Left : 4

Waiting List

23-11-2023 / 16-03-2024

Quota Left : 30


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Start every hour. Run or walk 6.706 meters. Finish within 60 minutes, and continue the race.
Only one person will win this race.
Most repetitions. Male or female.
Anyone who can't reach the starting line every hour will be considered out of the race. DNF. Did Not Finish.

Location: Rüstem Mahallesi, Üzüm Sokak, Farm Olea Çiftliği, Urla, 35430, İzmir.
Date: March 16-17, 2024
Number of participants: Maximum 50 people 

*Discounts are available for long-distance runners with Turkish citizenship: 20% for those who have finished a race of 50K or more in the last 3 years (2020+), 30% for those who have finished a race of 90K or more (İznik 90K race or longer), and 40% for those who have finished a race of 150K or more. Additionally, those who cannot finish the race are entitled to a 25% discount for the following year, 50% for assistance, and 100% for winners.

Discounted fees are valid for money transfer payments only. Competitors who want to pay by credit card can complete their registration in the system at a non-discounted fee. 

For discounts, email the name, year, and results of the race you completed to ( ). No quota is allocated for those who do not register during the online registration period.

**Group discounts are not applicable in the Backyard Ultra race.

0.5 liters of excellent olive oil will be given as a gift to everyone who completes 1 lap.

- Out-and-back route, each lap is 6.7056 kilometers. Entirely on dirt, somewhat hilly. Sometimes narrow or rocky, mostly forest trail.

Start Tunnel and Exit Rule
50 people - 50 solo members can line up. Anyone not in the tunnel at the start bell cannot participate and will be eliminated.
Each start is given exactly 1 hour after the previous one. Signs are given 3, 2, 1 minutes before the start. All runners in the tunnel start together (no late starts allowed).

No one can leave the course except for toilet breaks (use the base of trees along the road or go to the farm), and no support runner or eliminated runner can enter the course. Personal support is not allowed on the course, and the common aid station may be available depending on the volunteer situation.
Each lap must be completed within 1 hour - even a delay of 1 second is not counted. Including the last lap.
No artificial aids (walkers, batons, bicycles, etc.) are allowed. Slower runners should yield the path to faster runners from behind or in front.

The time of each lap is recorded with a chip system. Chips are not returned.
The winner is the one who can complete one lap alone. Gender does not matter.
Everyone else is technically considered DNF - Did Not Finish. If no one completes at least one more lap than other runners, there is no winner.
The distance and time of each runner are listed.
Memorial awards are prepared for the male and female runners who complete the most laps.

Tent camping is possible at 'Farm Olea' farm. There are two showers, three toilets, and one kitchen in the camping area. 
There is one refrigerator for joint tenancy. You can cook using a camp stove.
Open fires is forbidden on the ground. Barbecue or fire bucket can be brought in and burn carefully. Electricity is available in the pergola and the sink, suitable for mobile device charging.
The use of the campsite is free of charge for the participants and accredited volunteers. Campers are expected to bring biodegradable shampoo, soap, and detergent, separate waste, and protect the environment.
Dogs, cats, chicken, ducks and goose live in Farm Olea. 
Wild birds, turtles, squirrel are also locals.

1. Race courses have been arranged with participants' safety in mind. As a participant, I acknowledge that in running events, risks cannot be completely eliminated, and I agree to fully comply with the rules communicated and announced by the race organization for maximum safety.

2. Since the race will take place in public areas, I acknowledge that as a participant, I am obligated to adhere to general traffic and societal rules.

3. Behaving contrary to the organization's rules, entering dangerous or prohibited areas, and causing harm to the life and property of third parties or institutions during the race are prohibited, and it is entirely my responsibility. The race organization committee and sponsors cannot be held responsible.

4. Individuals with physical activity restrictions imposed by a doctor are advised to consult their doctors. Participation in this race is not recommended for those for whom aerobic exertion is harmful, those who require constant supervision, those with epilepsy, or those who have a fear of heights. I declare that I have no medical impediments to participate in this race and that I am physically fit for this run.

5. I grant permission for all types of video, photo, audio, and similar recordings, as well as documents, made during the organization, to be used for all legal purposes, including advertising.

6. I accept responsibility for the accuracy and currency of the information provided during registration and allow contact via email, address, and phone regarding the race.

7. I consent to the publication of my name, surname, country, age, club/company information by the organization on their websites, social media, and in the press for information, trade, and marketing purposes.

8. I acknowledge that I allow Macera Akademisi to send me informational emails and text messages regarding current and future events.

9. With this document that I have signed, I, on my behalf and on behalf of my heirs, executives, personal and legal representatives, in the event of any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to me during the "#race" race organized by Macera Akademisi, as well as pre and post-race activities, absolve the organizers, individuals working in the organization, sponsors, and organization representatives of all liability. I confirm that I have read and accepted the Race Rules, and I declare that I have no medical impediments to participate in this race and that I am physically fit for this run.

As the legal guardian of my child whose information is mentioned above, I approve of my child participating in the "#race" race organized by Macera Akademisi and accept all the terms and conditions written on the race website and REGISTRATION FORM page.