Kemaliye Şenlikleri Koşuları 2023

Date : 25-06-2023 - 25-06-2023

Location : Kemaliye, Erzincan

Trail RunRoad Run


Kemaliye Silk Road UTM 50K Solo

24-06-2023 / 24-06-2023

Quota Left : 40

1200 ₺
Kemaliye Silk Road UTM 50K Duo

24-06-2023 / 24-06-2023

Quota Left : 20

1800 ₺
Stoneroad Run 22K

25-06-2023 / 25-06-2023

Quota Left : 70

500 ₺
Dark Canyon Run 10K

25-06-2023 / 25-06-2023

Quota Left : 79

500 ₺
Festival Run 5K

25-06-2023 / 25-06-2023

Quota Left : 87

350 ₺
Eğin VK (Vertical Kilometer) Run 5K

23-06-2023 / 23-06-2023

Quota Left : 94

600 ₺
Eğin Mountain Trail Hike 20K

23-06-2023 / 23-06-2023

Quota Left : 100

250 ₺


Kemaliye Kültür ve Kalkınma Vakfı

Ultra Maraton Sorumlusu 05327101404

+90 533 5510573

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Trail running is a type of running that involves at least 80% off-road and trail paths, occasionally following single-person goat trails, requiring intermittent marker following to find the way, often characterized by ups and downs, and frequently conducted on rough terrains.

An ultra marathon refers to running races longer than the Olympic marathon distance (42.195m). It is mentally much more challenging.

Kemaliye (Eğin) district has a magnificent network of trails spanning hundreds of kilometers, ranging from 850 meters to 2200 meters in altitude. In the ancient region of Eastern Anatolia, the old roads once used by Silk Road caravans intertwine with dangerous and steep trails.

Starting from 2022, Kemaliye Culture and Nature Sports Festival organizes running and trail running events to contribute to the preservation of the natural and cultural values of Kemaliye (Eğin) district and promote sustainable economic development.

Stoneroad Run 22 Km and Dark Canyon Run 10km

These runs take place within the unique Eğin Stone Road tunnels, following carved rock surfaces along the cliffs next to the Euphrates River. Running with a headlamp during daylight hours is necessary.

Festival Run 5 km

This is a festive running and walking course where the Kemaliye locals and festival attendees stroll through the town's streets, enjoying the view of historic Eğin houses. It is approximately 5 km long. As the town is a mountain slope, route is no flat.

Kemaliye Silk Road UTM 50K – 49 km +/-2700 m

It will be run for the first time with invited participants in 2023.

This route is approximately 50 km long. The first 6 kilometers are very steep. The following 10 km consist of rough terrain, offering an adventurous journey through the wild nature of Kemaliye. Participants with mountaineering and experience in running distances over 120km can participate individually. Additionally, two-person teams are allowed, provided that both team members have the following experience: mountaineering + running distances over 50km.

Eğin VK (Vertical Kilometer) Run – 4.9 km +1040 m

It will be run for the first time with invited participants in 2023.

This route starts from the banks of the Euphrates River (848m) and climbs to Kamberoğlu Fountain (1850 m) through the Eğin Gabanı path. With a vertical gain of 1000 meters over a distance of less than 5 kilometers, it is one of the most unique vertical kilometer races in Turkey.

Eğin Mountain Trail Hike 17 km +/- 1120

It will be hiked for the first time in 2023. This challenging trail follows a steep path up and down Eğin Mountain, which is situated behind the historical town of Eğin. The first 5km requires a 900-meter ascent. It follows main transportation routes that have been used for centuries, such as Eğin Gabanı and Sandık Gabanı. An average hiker is expected to complete it in 5-6 hours. Factors such as altitude (1/3 of the route is above 1200m, 1/5 is at 1700-2000m), wind, insufficient fluid intake, unfamiliarity with rough terrain, and difficulty in following the trail can extend the duration by 10%-80%.

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