Sanal Geyik Koşuları 2023

Date : 11-12-2023 - 25-12-2023

Location : Koşuya uygun her yer \ Geyik Koşuları parkurları



11-12-2023 / 25-12-2023

Quota Left : 480

0 ₺

11-12-2023 / 25-12-2023

Quota Left : 466

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11-12-2023 / 25-12-2023

Quota Left : 452

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11-12-2023 / 25-12-2023

Quota Left : 446

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If you couldn't make it to the Real Geyik Koşuları, don't worry; you can experience the Deer spirit with Virtual Geyik Koşuları. Run wherever you want, upload your time, and enter the rankings.

1- Virtual Geyik Koşuları is a running event that enables the registered runner to experience the feeling of competition and solidarity with the other participants while running on his/her own preferred time but on a Geyik Koşuları trail.

2- Participants measure their run and submit results simply and easily. Measurements should be taken with a GPS-enabled smartphone or watch, and this data should be shared as specified on the web page. Two methods are possible:

2a- SMART Phone: Strava or SportsTracker. These free apps share GPS links.  Record your activity,  change activity type to RACE, share your public activity to result in page. Your time should be race (elapsed) time.

2b- Sports Watch: Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Coros, etc GPS sports watches are valid. record your activity,  change activity type to RACE, share your public activity to result in the page. Your time should be race (elapsed) time.

Not: Strava has Geyik trails as segments. We recommend submitting strava links. 

3- Virtual Run is a virtual running and walking festival that aims at sportive and spiritual development based on the honest and fair statements of the participants. Applications are made online between 11-25 December 2023. The runs must be completed until 26th December 2023. Results must be submitted between 11-26 December 2023.
4- Each participant should choose one or more virtual running distances to be completed in a single attempt and will not strain his physical health and immune system. Virtual Running distances in Virtual Geyik Koşuları are 4K-8K -14K -28K.
5-Participants should read the rules, plan considering health and safety and run. Everyone participating in the races agrees to act within the framework of sportive ethics, gentlemen, and fair play, and to make honest and accurate statements on issues related to running. The competitor has to finish the course by running, use of any vehicle * is prohibited and the competitor will be disqualified. (* Skates with the features specified in the skate race must be used.)
6- Those who complete the courses can download and use the digital finishing medal from the website for the respective course. After submitting time and link of proof ( GPS log link or Instagram share post), a downloadable digital certificate will be published after October 6.
7- All races are ranked according to the duration (elapsed time) of the run. In the virtual run, classifications male and female classification is made. Real or digital awards, trophies, and rankings are not given by the organization. Those in the top three are asked to show GPS data with clear distance, time, start time, elapsed time, photos of start/finish, and track of their running record.
8- Participants should pay attention to the following for the Covid-19 outbreak:
9- It is forbidden to act outside the organizational rules, to violate social distance, to be in places prohibited for public health, to make false statements. If these are violated, the responsibility belongs to the participant only, the race organizing committee, supporters, and sponsors will not be responsible.
10- Runners who report an inaccurate statement (result, time, GPS track of someone else's running, etc.) will not be included in the classification, if already immediately removed. If information comes about the people who run in prohibited places and times according to public health measures and are punished by the relevant institutions, they are removed from the competition classification. The runner who is removed from the classification is deemed to have not completed the race and cannot benefit from the rights such as prize draws.
11- People who have physical activity restrictions are recommended to consult their doctor. Participating is not advised for people who are inconvenient in the anaerobic effort, who need to be under constant supervision, have epilepsy, and have a fear of heights.
12- The rights of the photographs, live broadcast recordings, and other images taken during the competition belong to the organization, no rights can be claimed.
13- Right to send emails and short messages for informative purposes about the upcoming and current organizations of the  Macera Akademisi; It accepts that it has the right to distribute the images and results taken throughout the organization over the web. No personal information will be shared with other companies.
14- Everyone participating in the competition is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions in advance.