Vestel Manisa Yarı Maratonu 2023

Date : 16-09-2023 - 17-09-2023

Location : Manisa



17-09-2023 / 17-09-2023

Quota Left : 0

21K Team Run

17-09-2023 / 17-09-2023

Quota Left : 0

300 ₺

17-09-2023 / 17-09-2023

Quota Left : 0


17-09-2023 / 17-09-2023

Quota Left : 0

5K Corporate

17-09-2023 / 17-09-2023

Quota Left : 0

Kids Run

16-09-2023 / 16-09-2023

Child Event- Quota Left : 0


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Registered participants
The Vestel Manisa Half Marathon consists of the following courses: 21K, 21K Team Run, 10K, 5K, 5K Corporate Run, and Children's Run.
- Individual participation is available for the 21K, 10K, and 5K courses.
- The 21K Team Run requires participation with a team of 3 people. Participants are ranked both individually and as part of the team.
- The 5K Corporate Course requires participation with a team of at least 5 people from the same company.
-The Children's Run is a 500-meter course designed for children aged 6 to 12.
For more details, you can visit the Vestel Manisa Half Marathon website.

1. The competition tracks have been arranged with the safety of the participants in mind. As a participant, I accept that risks cannot be eliminated in running organizations and that I must fully comply with the rules conveyed and announced by the competition organizers to maximize safety.

1 a. As part of the COVID-19 outbreak, that I should follow the rules of the Ministry of Health, that I should have my mask, spare mask, portable hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol-based) when coming to any area of​​the competition, that I should avoid close contact with other individuals and not follow the distance rules, that I should follow the organization's contact reducing and crowd blocking rules. I accept that I must comply.

1.b. By coming to the competition area on the day of the event, starting the competition; I accept and declare that I or other people living in the same household have not and still have not had complaints such as fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, muscle-joint pain, inability to smell in the last 14 days.

1.c. Although these complaints are not present, I know that I may have a Covid-19 infection and carry a virus without any symptoms, and the infection may begin to show symptoms after a short time.

1.d. By coming to the competition area on the day of the event, starting the competition; I know that in the previous 14 days, I have declared that I have not had close contact (including handshaking, speaking, meeting, etc.)

1.e. By coming to the event area, I am aware of the importance of my individual preferences and precautions to prevent the meeting, that myself or my relatives may be exposed to the Covid-19 virus, despite all the precautions and new rules. However, in case of any contamination, I accept and declare that the organizers, sponsors, Turkish Athletics Federation cannot be responsible for this issue as I prefer to come to the field voluntarily.

1. f. For the COVID-19 outbreak, I accept in advance that I will abide by all the rules that will be valid at the race date by the Ministry of Health and other ministries.

2. Since the race will be held in public places, I accept that as a participant, I am obliged to comply with the general traffic and community rules.

3. Behaving outside the organization rules, entering dangerous/forbidden areas, harming the life and property of third parties or institutions during the race is prohibited and it is my responsibility, and the race organizing committee and sponsors are not responsible for any damage caused by my actions.

4. It is recommended that people who have been restricted in physical activity by the doctor consult their doctor. It is inconvenient for people's health, who is inconvenient to spend aerobic effort, who need to be under constant surveillance, who have epilepsy, and who have a fear of heights. I declare that I have no medical disability to participate in this race and that I am physically fit for this race.

5. I allow commercial use by the federation and sponsors, including advertising, of all kinds of videos, photographs, sounds, and similar shots, recordings, and documents to be made during the organization, provided that they do not contain any illegal elements. This photo, video and/or audio, etc. I accept and undertake that I will not demand any compensation and/or fee due to the commercial use of the records and documents.

6. I accept that I am responsible for the information I have provided during registration being correct and up-to-date, and I allow you to be contacted by my e-mail, address, and phone regarding the competition.

7. I accept that my name, surname, country, age, club/company information will be published by the organization on websites, social media, and the press for informational, commercial, and marketing purposes.

8. I accept that I allow Macera Akademisi and Vestel Ticaret A.Ş. to send informational e-mails and text messages about current and upcoming events.

9- Cancellation and Return Conditions:

If participation cancels the race for any reason, the following refund conditions apply:

• 100% of the race fee for cancellation requests made within 15 days after the registration date, until 60 days before the race day,

• 50% of the race fee is refunded for cancellation requests up to 60 days before the race day.

• Race fee is non-refundable for cancellation requests made less than 30 days before the race day.

• Race fee and chest number cannot be transferred to another race or another person.

10- With this document that I signed, on behalf of myself and my heirs, managers, personal and legal representatives, in case of any injury, loss, or damage that may happen to me during the "Vestel Manisa Half Marathon" race, during the pre-race and post-race activities, the organizers, the persons in charge of the organization, sponsors, organization representatives will not be held responsible, all responsibility belongs to me; I have read and accepted the Contest Rules; I accept and declare that I have no medical disability to participate in this race and that I am physically fit for this race.

Participating in the race named "Vestel Manisa Half Marathon" organized by Vestel Ticaret A.Ş. I approve the above rules by accepting all the terms and conditions written on the competition website and the REGISTRATION FORM page.