Zafer Ultra Maratonu Sanal Koşu

Date : 15-08-2023 - 31-08-2023

Location : Koşuya Uygun Her Yer

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Zafer Ultra Maratonu

15-08-2023 / 31-08-2023

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Zafer Virtual Run is based on the principle of measuring your running or walking distance, wherever you want, with the help of a GPS-enabled sports watch or mobile phone application and uploading this data to the race site.

You can find detailed information at


Whether you live in England, America, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Australia, or in a far corner of the World, if your heart is filled with the fire of victory when August 30 comes, come this year to the Zafer Ultra Marathon virtual run. Let's be "one" and run together as the way our ancestors ran to the Great Victory.
Virtual Run is based on measuring your running or walking distance, wherever the World you want, with the help of a GPS-enabled sports watch or mobile phone application and uploading this data to the race site.
You can participate in the Zafer Ultra Marathon Virtual Run between August 15 and August 30, 2023, by uploading your recorded walks and runs to the site.
The mechanism is simple:
Register > Authorize your running app on > Walk or run wherever you want > Upload results = Rank up.
Run wherever you want for the Race Ranking.

Check the video for the details :

Running Dates: August 15 – August 30
When should I upload my result?
Between August 15 and August 30, enter myvirtualpace, upload your recorded run or walk, and then take your place in the ranking.
When you run again, add your new running time. After a few seconds, the ranking will be UPDATEd.
You can upload as many running and walking times as you want until August 30.
 You could run the longest distance.

1. The competition is a virtual race aiming for fair and honest declarations of participants, focusing on sportsmanship and spiritual development. (Virtual race means running or walking a certain distance at the location of your choice, measured with a sports watch or mobile application with GPS capabilities, and uploading this data to the race website.)

2. I have read, understood, and agreed to the rules at the address "". I hereby accept to participate in the race in my own course, according to my abilities, with sportsmanship, courtesy, and fair play, and I commit to providing honest and accurate information regarding the race.

3. I acknowledge that I have been informed about the rules, sportsmanship, courtesy, fair play, and how the race will be conducted, including the fact that the data obtained for the race will be used on various platforms. I declare and acknowledge that I am participating in this competition willingly.

4. I agree to adhere to general traffic and community rules when doing my individual run for the virtual race in public areas.

5. It is prohibited to act outside the rules of the organization, jeopardize my health unintentionally, or provide false statements, and I understand this. If I violate these rules, I accept that the responsibility lies solely with me, and the race organization committee, supporters, and sponsors cannot be held responsible.

6. Individuals with physical activity restrictions recommended by a doctor are advised to consult their doctors. People with aerobic effort limitations, those who require continuous supervision, suffer from epilepsy, or have a fear of heights are not recommended to participate in the race for their own health. I declare that I have no medical impediment to participate in this virtual race and that I am physically fit for the running or walking activity I will undertake.

7. I give permission for all kinds of videos, photographs, audio, and similar shots, recordings, and documents recorded by the organization to be used for all legal purposes, including advertising.

8. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the accuracy and currency of the information I provided during registration and permit the organization to contact me through email, address, and phone regarding the race. I consent to the publication of my name, surname, country, age, and club/company information on the organization's websites, social media, press (participant list, result announcement, information), for commercial and marketing purposes.

9. I agree that Macera Akademisi (Adventure Academy) may send me informational emails and text messages about current and future events.

10. With this document I sign, on my behalf and on behalf of my heirs, managers, personal and legal representatives, I acknowledge that in the "Zafer Ultra Marathon Virtual" race organized by Macera Akademisi (Adventure Academy), during activities before and after the race, I will not hold the organizers, personnel involved in the organization, sponsors, and representatives of the organization responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur, and I accept that all responsibilities belong to me. I have read and accepted the Race Rules and declare my consent.

*I, the undersigned, also give my approval for my child, for whom I am the legal guardian, to participate in the "Zafer Ultra Marathon Virtual Run" event organized by Macera Akademisi (Adventure Academy), and I agree to all the terms and conditions stated on the race website and REGISTRATION FORM page.